Timing Belt / Water Pump Repair

Forgetting to change your belts can destroy your engine.

At AC Auto Repair, we specialize in all kinds of timing belt and water pump repair services. Check out the owner’s manual for the correct time to replace the timing belt and water pump. If not, drop by our service shop and get one of our certified technicians to take a look at them. Normally, the water pump, tensioner, and idler pulleys should always be replaced when you are replacing the timing belt on your car. Most of the time, the timing belt drives the water pump. Hence, you have to replace both at the same time for optimal functioning of your engine. Here is why you need to choose Our Timing Belt And Water Pump Repair Service.

Be wary when you call for an over the phone estimate for replacing the timing belt and water pump in your car. Most of the less trustworthy repair services may quote you over the phone. But they do it only to get you into their shop and not give you the whole story. Most of them will quote you only for replacing the timing belt just to get you in their shop. But you need to remember that replacing the timing belt and water pump should be done at the same time. The labor cost differences to perform both replacements at the same time is non-existent since you need to remove the water pump in most cases to get to the timing belt. This is why you need to choose a trustworthy and reliable shop such as Ac Auto Repair for your timing belt replacement in Racine, WI.



Emergency Towing Services. Tell us where, we'll be there!

Has your vehicle ever broken down in the middle of the road? Did it take forever for the towing company to arrive? Well, thanks to our mechanic and auto body repair shop, you can count on the best towing services in the region. Here are a few more reasons why you should reserve our towing service for any emergency.

Reliability: The most important principle about any towing service is reliability. That’s why our body repair shop is open at convenient hours. It makes it easier for all our customers to get the help they need regardless of the time of day or night our towing services are need.

Reputable: We are able to set up and arrange tow service to our shop to get your car back on the road quickly. All tow services are insured for your and your car’s safety. So rest assured that your car is in good hands. 



Tire Changing & Balancing

Need new tires? We have access to many brands!

Car owners have a lot running in their minds including when to replace their tires or have them balanced. It’s always a worry when you don’t find the best auto body shop that can handle all the services need for your vehicle. Well, with our shop, you are in good luck because we can handle changing your tires and balancing them to make sure you’re safe on the road.

So, When Do You Need To Replace Or Balance Your Tires?

First, you should start by looking at the tread pattern. When tires wear down, the treads will become level. With that sign, you need to replace your tires immediately. The wearing out might happen if the tire has been used for a long period and itís unsafe to continue driving with such a worn out tire.

Secondly, you should check if there are unusual bubbles or bugles in the sidewall of the tire. If they are present, it’s an indication that the internal frame has cracked or has been damaged. As a result, air pressure has reached the outer layers or the tire. In most cases, such type of damage is caused by driving with low tire pressure, or driving over a curb or large potholes. Lastly, if you have had the tires for the last six years, it’s time to replace them. That’s the standard regulation, regardless of whether or not the vehicle has been on the road for all that time.

tire-balancing and repair-racine

Now that you are confident that your vehicle’s tires need to be replaced, the next step is choosing the right company for the job. Whether you need to balance or replace your tires entirely, you can count on the professionalism that our auto repair shop offers. Contact us immediately and enjoy our tire change or balancing services at the most affordable costs.

Radiator Repair

We offer a high-quality service at an affordable price.

If your radiator is in need of replacement, you have two options. One option is to order a new radiator at a great cost or take advantage of our radiator repair service. The best thing about our Radiator Repair Service is you are ensured of a quality repair at an affordable price. This is why the majority of our customers come back to us. We are the number one choice for many customers across the region. You may find a host of positive reviews and testimonials provided by our existing customers. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need to choose AC Auto Repair.

We are one of the best radiator repair services in town, acclaimed by a vast majority of our clients in Racine, WI. Our expert technicians have helped breathe new life to a countless number of radiators over the years. We will do the same for you. You can trust the knowledge and experience of our expert technicians in this regard. If you require a new radiator at a fair price, we stock some of the highest quality radiators on the market at affordable prices. We offer a comprehensive warranty for each and every new radiator sold by us. Our team has extensive experience in repairing and re-coring all models of radiators on the market. We handle all types of vehicles in the region.  Our customer service is top notch among our competition.


If you are looking for a reputed and experienced radiator repair service in town, you do not have to look further than AC Auto Repair in Racine, WI. Call us now for all your radiator problems. We offer a high-quality service at an affordable price.

Oil Changing Service

Treat your car every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

The engine of your car is made up of many important moving parts. These parts need to be lubricated on a regular basis so that the parts will function optimally and prevent damage to the engine of the vehicle. The lubricating oil in your engine helps provide this vital service. Over time, the oil molecules break down and become contaminated with dirt, dust, and other debris from the engine as well as the outside environment. This is when you need to visit AC Auto Repair.

When the oil in your engine gets contaminated, it cannot do the job properly. The oil and filter need to be changed immediately to guarantee the optimal functioning of your vehicle engine. Our expert technicians will make sure that your car receives the right kind of oil change at an affordable price. They will recommend the best type of oil to suit your car’s individual needs. This will ensure that your engine functions at its best.


Our certified technicians will take into account the make, model, mileage, and the condition of your vehicle before recommending the necessary oil change for your car. We offer different oil change packages to suit your car’s individual requirements. Your car will get the best treatments from highly qualified technicians in our Racine Oil Change Shop.

Performing one’s own oil change is quite a hassle. This is where Our Oil Changing Service comes in handy. We offer some of the best oil changing packages at affordable prices for your vehicle. Get your car inspected by the professionals who will recommend the most suitable lubricating oil depending on the present condition of your car. Visit AC Auto Repair right now.

Engine Replacement

Should You Replace Your Engine Or Buy A New Car?

Any sign of engine failure on a vehicle can be devastating. That’s because you need to weigh whether you should replace the engine or just buy a completely new car. Of course, working with our excellent car mechanics, we can provide an engine replacement service that surpasses all your worries. However, here are a few pointers to help you decide whether you need an engine replacement or not.

If your vehicle is less than ten years old and you can’t afford to buy a new one, maybe replacing the engine is the best idea. Keep in mind that most cars depreciate very fast, regardless of whether or not they are being driven. Therefore, if your vehicle needs a new engine and has been around for a while you need to keep this factor in mind.

The idea of sinking more money into your vehicle yet the resale value is just peanuts might be more absurd. On the other hand, if you have a cheap vehicle, you can always buy a new one rather than spending more money in repairs.

Why Do You Need To Replace The Engine

Many car engines break down for many reasons. For instance, it could be because you have covered a lot of mileage in it. On the other hand, the engine could be burning oil, making a lot of noise, running poorly or has simply locked up. If you donít know the reason why your vehicle is having issues, our car engine replacement service will check it out for you.

Even better, our qualified mechanics will go through every step with you before working on the vehicle. That way, we should help you decide whether replacing the engine is the best decision or not. If it all comes down, you can rely on our engine replacement service for the best results.






AC Auto Body is a reputed and experienced provider of correcting dents and dings in your car’s exterior. Although there are many companies across Southeastern Wisconsin who claim to be “experts” at removing dents, how will you know whether you are getting the very best service? This is where you need to be extremely cautious and leave your car only in the most experienced and professional hands. We have extensive experience in the industry and employ certified technicians to perform the job. This is why you need to choose AC Auto Body for all your dent removal work in Racine, WI.

Great customer service is the backbone of our company. We go out of our way to ensure that every single client that comes to us is 100% satisfied and happy with our work. We always provide transparent, and accurate estimates after one of our expert technicians have inspected your car. In fact, you know in advance exactly what you are getting with us. Our commitment to excellence is one of our salient features. The majority of our clients have highly acclaimed our service due to this reason. If you have not used our service as yet, you need to come to us right now and experience the difference. Most of all, we are quite affordable compared to our competition in the region. While some companies get away charging premium rates for small repairs, we offer fair and affordable prices to our valued customers in the area. In fact, you need not pay through the nose for a small dent or ding when you come to us.


Collision Repair

Car not quite totaled, but needs a lot of work? Let us restore your ride!

collision-repair-in-racineIt’s very terrifying to be involved in an accident. So many questions might be going through your head like where to repair your vehicle or the overall cost of repair. Your insurance company should recommend a good auto body repair shop that can reverse the damage to your vehicle. It doesn’t hurt to look for one yourself to make sure that your vehicle is in the best hands.

So, Why Are We The Best Collision Repair Body Shop in Racine, WI?

Certification – First, all our mechanics are certified in handling any type of collision repair job. Regardless of the body type or the extent of damage, you can count on our expert mechanics to restore your vehicle back to its former glory. Even better, we are acquainted with some of the insurance firms in the region so you should get a good recommendation to our company for the best collision repair services.

Free Estimates – It’s outrageous to charge clients a substantial amount just to find out how much the repair would cost. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering free estimates. Therefore, once you drive your vehicle into the shop, you can rest assured that the damage will be diagnosed properly and you will be charged affordably for collision repair services.

Reliability – One of our principles involves being reliable and accountable to all our clients. That’s why we have warranties and guarantees in place to make sure that the repair services are done to perfection. Even better, you can have the service repeated if you feel that it’s not up to your standards.

So, whether you have been involved in a car wreck or a minor bump into another vehicle, you can rely on the best collision repair services offered by our mechanics. Contact us today and get your car repaired by the best collision repair experts.

Auto Mechanic Repair

With our diagnosis, our mechanics will get you back on the road quickly!

How many times have you left your car at the mechanic shop only to find nothing has been done for the last few days? Even worse, you might find that the mechanic overcharged you on a simple repair. Well, there is a reason why we are considered outstanding mechanics in Racine, WIMechanical-repair-racine. Here are some of the reasons why you should always use our mechanic service whenever your car breaks down.

Excellent Diagnostic Skills

For most car owners, a trip to the mechanic is always a nightmare. It might take a while for the mechanic to identify the problem and when he does, it might be very costly. Well, our mechanics are specifically trained to identify any problems and handle them immediately. Therefore, if you bring your car to our shop, you can rest assured that the problem will be identified and corrected immediately.

Updated Technology

Just like technology advancements have been noted in other areas of the service business, the same improvements have emerged in the auto repair industry. With the best technology by our side, our mechanics work tirelessly to make sure that everything is handled immediately. Therefore, if you bring your car to our auto body repair shop, it’s a guarantee that you will never face the same problem again.

Excellent Customer Service

Running an auto body shop can be quite a nightmare. In most cases, customers are impatient and tired of being overcharged. However, all our mechanics have been trained on the best customer service skills. Therefore, whether you’re shouting at the top of your voice or need something handled immediately, our mechanics will attend to you without any complaints.

Keep in mind that our reputation surpasses any of the other auto body repair shops in the area. So, leave your vehicle with us and let the experts handle it.

Auto Body Painting

Refresh your paint or change your car's look!

If you are searching for a car body painting service in the area, you need not look further than Ac Auto Body Painting Service. In fact, we are one of the top-notch body painting services in Racine.

From the moment you walk into our body painting facility till you drive away after completion of the job, the staff in AC Auto will be there to assist you. From obtaining an honest and accurate estimate to directly working with your insurance company, our superior customer service will go above and beyond. Do not forget to take advantage of our affordable body painting service if you are looking for the best experience in painting your car. Here is why you need to use Our Car Body Painting Service.

Our customer service will not end when you leave our shop. We provide a written, limited lifetime warranty, and we will be there for you if you find a defect in our workmanship. Just bring you car to our facility with the repair order and we will take care of the rest. For peace of mind and limited lifetime warranty, you should check out Our Car Body Painting Service in the area. We possess the state-of-the-art equipment to handle any type of body painting job. If you are looking for computerized paint mixing and the latest alignment equipment, you can trust us with your paint job. Our services are highly acclaimed by the majority of our customers. Our staff maintains an excellent rapport with the insurance companies in the region. Hence, we can handle all your insurance claims without any issue.





Brake Replacement

Tired of squeaky brakes or does your brake pedal go to the floor?

One of the most important safety features of any vehicle is maintaining the brakes. Unfortunately, most drivers overlook this simple fact. If you keep your brake maintenance on schedule, you can always avoid costly repairs and also avoid any collisions in the near future. Here are some of the signs that you need to replace the brakes in your vehicle.


brake-repair-services-racine-wiWhen driving if you press the brake pad and there is a vibration, then your brakes need to be replaced immediately. It’s commonly referred to as pulsating brakes and is a condition caused when the brakes are completely worn-out or warped because of too much heat. In this case, the brakes pads can either be re-machined or replaced to solve the problem.

Thin Brake Pads

Try looking through the spokes of the wheel to see if you need new brakes. If the brakes pads are thin, such that you can see less than a quarter inch that’s visible then you definitely need to replace your brakes.

Clicking Or Screeching Sounds

If you apply your brakes when driving and hear a clicking sound, then they need to be replaced. Most cars have a device that prevents rattling of the brake pads when they are depressed. So, if you hear a clicking sound, then there is a problem.

On the other hand, if there are screeching sounds (usually high-pitched) when the brake pad is pushed down; it’s a sign that you need new brakes. You might hear these sounds when the windows are completely pulled up so check carefully before going on the road with worn out brake pads.

If you notice any of the above signs and more, you can choose our auto repair shop for any brake replacement in Racine, WI. We are an outstanding body shop that’s ready to handle any car issues without fail.

If your car is registered in a jurisdiction that requires an emissions test you need to take it for its first test once it is 4 years old. After that, it needs to be tested every 2 years. For instance, if the car was manufactured in 2012, it will have its first test in 2016. Subsequent tests would be in 2018, 2020, 2022, and so on. Your car must pass the test for you to legally drive it on the road.


A rusted tail pipe can break and cause emissions leaks.

It is the responsibility of any driver that lives in a jurisdiction that requires an emissions test to ensure that his or her vehicle’s emissions comply with the set standards. This is critical for protecting the air from pollution as well as for protecting drivers and their passengers from inhaling harmful toxins.

If left unchecked, vehicle emissions can be dangerous. The government protects its citizens through annual emissions inspections to ensure that the air never becomes inundated with pollution. As the highways continually become crowded with vehicles, it is important to ensure that vehicles with poor quality emissions are not permitted back on the road. Re-registration is however the leading cause for most emissions tests and vehicle emissions.

You should pay close attention to the exhaust system at any time not just at registration time. If you note any problems with the exhaust system, you need to bring your vehicle to us for emissions testing. As a driver, you should never worry about the results of your emissions test. Fail or pass you will still be able to drive away from our facility with a fully repaired car. Our capable technicians use the very best equipment, experience and skills any time your vehicle fails an emissions test.

Our emissions repair service will protect you, your passengers, and the environment. When the time for annual emissions testing comes, we are the go-to solution you require. We are authorized to conduct all emissions repair services for vehicles of all makes and models. This protects all from the harmful emissions that may be emanating from your car.

Once we perform the needed repairs, you will be road ready and can be allowed to register the vehicle. Our repairs  can ensure that your vehicle operates at optimal levels and improve its gas-mileage efficiency. One more place the emission repair service will help you save money is the gas pump.

Older model vehicles tend to be susceptible to failed emissions tests and drivers of those vehicles need to pay closer attention to their exhaust systems. Our certified technicians are properly trained and have experience in guiding customers in the best vehicle care practices. With our capable technicians monitoring the state of its emissions, your car’s exhaust system will be as safe as possible.

Schedule Your Emissions Repair Service

Don't take short cuts with your emissions repair.

Don’t take short cuts with your emissions repair.

Our repair procedure typically involves the following:

– Interpreting the Vehicle Inspection Report

– Conducting a Road Test

– Inspection of the Emissions-Control Parts

– Researching Warranty Information and Factory Bulletins
Depending on what we find, we may have to undertake some very necessary maintenance or find replacement parts. We will let you know what we find out and what will be needed for your vehicle to pass the retest. Once we receive your permission, we will repair your emission.

Find out today all that you should about your vehicle’s emissions. It is not only the law but also for your own good. You need your vehicle running as healthy and efficiently as possible. Even if your vehicle passed the emissions test last year, you could have changed your driving habits dramatically between then and now. Contact us today and have your emissions test taken care of.

Auto Body Repair

From scratches to collisions, we offer full auto body repair services!

Racine Auto Body Repair

racine-auto-body-serviceAre you looking for the best auto body repair shop? Have you tried working with some repair shops in your region but ended up very disappointed? Well, congratulations on coming to our page because here you will find the best car body repair service. Here are some of the reasons why our company should be the first place you visit.

Exceptional Services

Whether your vehicle was involved in a car accident or you just need a simple repainting done, you can always count on our repair services. If you take a good look through the services we offer, you will find that we have something for everybody. Even better, our prices are very affordable compared to our competitors and that’s why we are still thriving after many years.

Exceptional Professionalism

Yes, we understand that a scratch on your precious vehicle can seem like a big nightmare. As a result, you might end up shouting over the phone or acting impatiently just to have it sorted out. Well, if your car is in our hands, you can rest assured that the body repair work will be handled immediately. Even better, we will have the car looking as good as new in the shortest time possible. You can rest assured that our customer care skills are extraordinary.

Warranties And Guarantees

It’s quite uncommon to find an auto body repair shop in Racine, WI that offers warranties and guarantees but that’s the reason why we stand out. Our mechanics are very confident in their job such that they offer a warranty. Therefore, if your vehicle develops the same problem with the estimated period, you can rest assured that it will be handled without fail.

In conclusion, we always strive to please all our customers. By working with the latest technology in the car repair industry, we can guarantee top results within the shortest time.

Battery Replacement

Don't get stuck in the cold with a dead battery!

A car battery has so many important functions such as providing power to the starter and all electrical components during the startup and storing energy. The battery will power all the electronic components in your car when it is not running. This is why your car battery should function at optimal levels at all times. Regular battery maintenance and service from AC Auto Repair is the best way to guarantee the long life of your car battery. This will help keep all the gadgets in your car clicking, honking, blinking, and shining even in the worst weather conditions. Here are important reasons why you need to choose Racine Battery Replacement Service.

Having one of our qualified and experienced technicians perform a battery diagnostic job, especially before a long trip, is the best way have peace of mind during the trip. Just a couple of minutes will do to test your battery and charging system components to see how much life is left in the battery. We have the latest technology and equipment to charge your batteries. If your battery has more life left in it, we will give you the good news. On the other hand, if your battery needs to be replaced, we will let you know about it and recommend the best replacement battery for your make and model of car. We will check the battery and charging system before installation as well as after installation to help make sure you leave all your worry behind. This is why you need to visit Our Battery Replacement Service right now for all your battery replacement and installation jobs. We also perform battery terminal cleaning and cable end replacements to ensure that you car functions at its best at all times.



Alternator Repair

Is your battery always dead or have dim lights? Let us repair your alternator!

Racine Alternator Repair Service

alternator-repair-racine-wiThe alternator is one of the most important pieces in any vehicle. It recycles the car battery power used when the vehicle is in motion thus restoring the lost power. Also, it supplies the required juice for other car systems such as the engine management, entertainment and the climate.

Does Your Alternator Need Repair?

If you’re alternator isn’t working properly, then your vehicle is in a lot of mess. Well, here are some of the warning signs that you should be check.

Dim Or Poorly Lit Lights

As mentioned above, the alternator keeps most of the vehicle’s systems working. If it’s not working properly, your electrical system is bound to start acting up too. For instance, the headlights or the dashboard lights might be poorly lit. On the other hand, the windows or power seats might start moving a little slower too.

Warning Light

If you’re lucky, there should be a warning light in your dashboards that lights up when the alternator isn’t working properly. Be on the lookout for this warning sign.

Dead Or Very Weak Battery

The alternator is responsible for restoring the battery’s life. However, if it’s not working properly, the battery might be very weak or dead. On that note, you need to replace the alternator as well as your battery completely.

Why You Should Choose Our Alternator Repair Service

Being one of the most prominent auto body repair shops in Racine, you can visit us for any alternator repair or replacement issues you might be experiencing. While at our premises, your vehicle will be treated with care and you’re welcome to wait as the vehicle is fixed as fast as possible. With one visit to the shop, you can rest assured that your alternator will be back to normal soon enough. Contact us immediately for any alternator repair issues or anything else wrong with your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Repair

Stuck in the heat? Take your car into the pros!

Air Conditioning Repair Service in Racine

air-conditioning-repair-racine-wiIs the air conditioning of your car blowing hot air as you drive around during the summer time? If so, you have come to the right place. To beat the summer heat, you need to rely on Our Air Conditioning Repair Service. We employ the latest technology and equipment to diagnose the real cause of the auto AC malfunctioning in your car. You need to take your car to a reliable and trustworthy auto AC repair service in the area. This is where Our Air Conditioning Repair Service comes in. This article provides information on why you need to choose AC Auto Reapir.
The air filters in the cabin of your car are responsible for filtering the fresh air that comes into your vehicle. Airborne debris can plug in the carbon air filters which may result in a restricted airflow over time. If you AC is not giving out the cold it should or you are hearing strange noises from the air conditioning unit of the vehicle, bring your vehicle to us and get one of our ASE certified technicians to take a look at the AC system. We provide a thorough inspection of the vital components of the AC system to determine the best repair method to correct the problem.
Our services include leak detection, AC repairs, belt/hose replacements, AC system recharge, AC compressors, and all other AC issues. We use only the highest quality replacement parts and components in your car. You can rest assure that your car, SUV or truck will be serviced properly the first time around.
Drop by our Racine Air Conditioning Repair Service shop and get an expert opinion on what you need to do about the air conditioner system in your vehicle. We offer guaranteed workmanship at affordable prices.