If your car is registered in a jurisdiction that requires an emissions test you need to take it for its first test once it is 4 years old. After that, it needs to be tested every 2 years. For instance, if the car was manufactured in 2012, it will have its first test in 2016. Subsequent tests would be in 2018, 2020, 2022, and so on. Your car must pass the test for you to legally drive it on the road.


A rusted tail pipe can break and cause emissions leaks.

It is the responsibility of any driver that lives in a jurisdiction that requires an emissions test to ensure that his or her vehicle’s emissions comply with the set standards. This is critical for protecting the air from pollution as well as for protecting drivers and their passengers from inhaling harmful toxins.

If left unchecked, vehicle emissions can be dangerous. The government protects its citizens through annual emissions inspections to ensure that the air never becomes inundated with pollution. As the highways continually become crowded with vehicles, it is important to ensure that vehicles with poor quality emissions are not permitted back on the road. Re-registration is however the leading cause for most emissions tests and vehicle emissions.

You should pay close attention to the exhaust system at any time not just at registration time. If you note any problems with the exhaust system, you need to bring your vehicle to us for emissions testing. As a driver, you should never worry about the results of your emissions test. Fail or pass you will still be able to drive away from our facility with a fully repaired car. Our capable technicians use the very best equipment, experience and skills any time your vehicle fails an emissions test.

Our emissions repair service will protect you, your passengers, and the environment. When the time for annual emissions testing comes, we are the go-to solution you require. We are authorized to conduct all emissions repair services for vehicles of all makes and models. This protects all from the harmful emissions that may be emanating from your car.

Once we perform the needed repairs, you will be road ready and can be allowed to register the vehicle. Our repairs  can ensure that your vehicle operates at optimal levels and improve its gas-mileage efficiency. One more place the emission repair service will help you save money is the gas pump.

Older model vehicles tend to be susceptible to failed emissions tests and drivers of those vehicles need to pay closer attention to their exhaust systems. Our certified technicians are properly trained and have experience in guiding customers in the best vehicle care practices. With our capable technicians monitoring the state of its emissions, your car’s exhaust system will be as safe as possible.

Schedule Your Emissions Repair Service

Don't take short cuts with your emissions repair.

Don’t take short cuts with your emissions repair.

Our repair procedure typically involves the following:

– Interpreting the Vehicle Inspection Report

– Conducting a Road Test

– Inspection of the Emissions-Control Parts

– Researching Warranty Information and Factory Bulletins
Depending on what we find, we may have to undertake some very necessary maintenance or find replacement parts. We will let you know what we find out and what will be needed for your vehicle to pass the retest. Once we receive your permission, we will repair your emission.

Find out today all that you should about your vehicle’s emissions. It is not only the law but also for your own good. You need your vehicle running as healthy and efficiently as possible. Even if your vehicle passed the emissions test last year, you could have changed your driving habits dramatically between then and now. Contact us today and have your emissions test taken care of.