Tire Changing & Balancing

Need new tires? We have access to many brands!

Car owners have a lot running in their minds including when to replace their tires or have them balanced. It’s always a worry when you don’t find the best auto body shop that can handle all the services need for your vehicle. Well, with our shop, you are in good luck because we can handle changing your tires and balancing them to make sure you’re safe on the road.

So, When Do You Need To Replace Or Balance Your Tires?

First, you should start by looking at the tread pattern. When tires wear down, the treads will become level. With that sign, you need to replace your tires immediately. The wearing out might happen if the tire has been used for a long period and itís unsafe to continue driving with such a worn out tire.

Secondly, you should check if there are unusual bubbles or bugles in the sidewall of the tire. If they are present, it’s an indication that the internal frame has cracked or has been damaged. As a result, air pressure has reached the outer layers or the tire. In most cases, such type of damage is caused by driving with low tire pressure, or driving over a curb or large potholes. Lastly, if you have had the tires for the last six years, it’s time to replace them. That’s the standard regulation, regardless of whether or not the vehicle has been on the road for all that time.

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Now that you are confident that your vehicle’s tires need to be replaced, the next step is choosing the right company for the job. Whether you need to balance or replace your tires entirely, you can count on the professionalism that our auto repair shop offers. Contact us immediately and enjoy our tire change or balancing services at the most affordable costs.